Product Maps

Can you put the eggs on the bottom shelf?

The job of arranging the wares inside a vending machine (or products on store shelves)—cans and bottles of soda, bars of candy and packets of snacks—is called planogramming.

How and where they’re placed determines how well they sell.

Who Are The Richie Rich?

A study done to determine who dominates the top 0.1 percent of earners in the U.S. revealed:

One: The standard rich American is the owner of a “regional business,” such as an “auto dealer” or a “beverage distributor.” Wages don’t make people rich nearly as often as equity does.

Two: The rich tend to own dour businesses.

Three: They gain wealth by building a local monopoly and avoiding ruthless price competition.

Does money make people happy, though?

Another study led by researchers at Harvard Business School found that when people’s net wealth rose above $8 million, they felt a boost in happiness, but that boost was half as large as the lift they got from being married.

People get a big happiness boost from being with a romantic partner or friends, but not from other people, like colleagues or acquaintances.

Work is the second most miserable activity. Of 40 activities, only being sick in bed makes people less happy than working.