Soon, L.A. To Run On Solar Power

In the near future, Los Angeles is going to be powered by a sprawling complex of solar panels and lithium-ion batteries in the Mojave Desert, which will supply seven percent of its annual electricity needs.

The stored energy will provide four hours of power during the nighttime. The plan will cost a measly 3.3 cents per kilowatt-hour.


Rejecting The XX Order

Where the pink band in the flag represents female; white, non-binary gender; and gray stands for partial connection to one gender.

A “demifemale” is a non-binary gender that could be a label for anyone born a female, but who feels little connection to that sex, though doesn’t experience a conflict (between biology and mind) intense enough to change into the other sex.

“The Last Free Place On Earth”

Entrance to The Slabs.

Soon after the U.S. entered World War II following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Marines opened a military base in 1942 called Camp Dunlap on 630 acres of desert land in southern California.

It wound down after the war and closed for good in 1956. All that was left of it were the concrete slabs that had served as the floors for portable barracks.

Over the years, the vacated space, known as “The Slabs,” has become a magnet for “snowbirds”—folks who migrate to warmer places during the winter. Though most arrive—and live—in RVs, some settle into abandoned structures.

A small group of people—the “slabbers”—live there permanently. They’re the ones who can handle temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit and who cherish freedom more than anything else.

This area isn’t governed and has earned the moniker, “The Last Free Place on Earth.” But sadly, living outside civilization comes at a price. The flip side to no tax, no rent, no parking tickets, is no electricity, no fresh water, no plumbing.