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Board Asks School To Choose Student Member

In tune with a growing trend that’s sweeping nationwide—where students are being appointed or elected to represent their peers in school board policy-making—last May, the Katonah-Lewisboro School District put forward the idea of having a student on the local Board of Education.

The suggestion was warmly received by the public. That set in motion discussion about how the plan was to be put into effect.

When the board convened on September 27, board trustees and school administrators grappled with the selection process.

The board put two suggestions on the table: one, the student member could either be elected by the members of the campus congress; two, he or she could be selected on the basis on a high-school-wide election, in which all students would cast a vote, said board trustee Mark Lipton.

Lipton will be attending the next campus congress meeting to iron out the details.

“We’d want to have [a campus congress meeting] sooner than later,” Mr. Lipton said. “We think that the campus congress will opt for a high school-wide election,” said Warren Schloat, a board trustee.

New York State law stipulates that the student serving on the school board has to be a senior and would’ve been in high school for two years in succession, said Mr. Lipton.

Additionally, as per the state laws relating to student representation on district school boards, a student member will serve as a full-fledged member and not in a mere advisory capacity. However, he or she will have no voting power.

“[The student member’s] role will be to offer the student prospective,” said Mr. Schloat.


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