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Surfin’ Up At Mount Kisco. And You’re Invited!

Back in the 1960s, when this band first appeared on the scene, their lyrics glorified the happy-go-lucky culture of California’s teens. They sang songs of driving, dating, and surfing.

More than 40 years on, its founding members are now in their 60s. But their music still conjures images of carefree happiness—sun-kissed beaches, fashionable, pretty girls in bikinis, and swank convertibles.

Well, they’re the legendary rockers: the Beach Boys. And they’re coming to your town—to entertain and to do a fund-raiser for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northern Westchester.

On October 13, the Saw Mill Club in Mount Kisco will pulsate with the excitement of a beach-party with food, cocktails, ,and well, rock and roll. Tickets are priced at $500. Proceeds from the concert will go towards helping the organization.

The group’s present touring gig has two of the original five founding members, Mike Love and songwriter Bruce Johnston. John Cowsill, Tim Bonhomme, Chris Farmer, Mike Kowalski, Randell Kirsch, and Scott Totten, round up the band.

Their latest album,”The Warmth of the Sun,” which debuted in May 2007, is a collection of 28 career-spanning tracks. Till date, they’ve sold well over 65 million records worldwide.


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