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Japanese Gamer Draws Customers With A Baudy Gimmick

In Japan, “business is war.”

And nowhere is this axiom more true than in the gaming industry, where every game developer tries to outsmart (and thereby, also outsell) the next rival by coming up with innovative ways of doing business.

So, the creators of the PC-based game, “Married Women Harem: This is the Married Women Paradise Inn,” came up with an unusual advertising strategy to draw customers.

Through boobs, (fake ones, of course).

If you go up to the fifth floor of the recently-opened megastore of the Japanese electronics retailer, Sofmap, in the heart of the Akihabara shopping district, you’ll be greeted with not the regular pile of fliers and brochures, but life-size cardboard cutouts, fitted with ginormous silicone boobs, draped in sexy lingerie.

And what’s more, they’re meant to be fondled. Seriously.

A large sign reads: “Squeeze All You Want.” It actually tells a buyer that it is, all right, to cop a feel. What you may want to do before you leave the store is to fill out a pre-order form.


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