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“Bra Burning,” The New Way

Germaine Greer, the doyen of the 1960s feminist movement, who wrote, “bras are a ludicrous invention,” needs to know this.

Japanese lingerie maker, Wacoal, has unveiled loincloth intimates that urges women to ditch their skin-fitting, under-wired contraptions. The product isn’t a novelty, in itself. It’s an ancient garment masquerading as a modern undergarment revolution.

Fundoshi, the traditional loincloth undergarment that has draped Japanese women (and men), had been in existence for some 100 years before the modern bra came along.

It’s not in my nature to proffer opinions on such matters as brassiere and the entire gamut of diaphanous accouterments for the female derriere, but I do think that these, though marvelously comfortable, won’t serve all women equally well. Fine for the small-bosomed physique, they won’t adequately buttress the well-endowed.

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