Not Asia’s Cream, But Its Whey

In a recent immigration debate in the New York Times, a panelist tried to set the record straight on what has become an oft-repeated, timeworn cliché that HI-B workers are the “best and brightest.” Norman Matloff, a computer science professor at the University of California, Davis, said:

The world’s “best and brightest” should be welcomed, but most H-1B workers are not in that league. Meanwhile, many of our own best and brightest are squeezed out of the market once they become “expensive.”

I agree with this pithy observation.

Many of the recent flock of Indian immigrants who’ve arrived on American shores on student visas and have then gone on to fill positions in the U.S. workforce as high-caliber technology professionals on H1-B visas—ironically—wouldn’t be considered intellectual cream in their own country.

h/t: NYT


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