Can You Ignore The “Caribou Barbie”?

Many educated Americans feel that Sarah Palin, the “Caribou Barbie,” is “far too ignorant to be allowed anywhere near the White House.” But many rural and working-class whites adore her. And her party can’t seem to ignore her. Her popularity stems from her lack of accomplishments.

Few people are policy experts, so they often follow their hearts rather than their heads when deciding whom to vote for. Often, they assume that someone culturally similar to themselves will be more likely to look out for their interests.

And that is why Mrs. Palin is still so popular. There are an awful lot of Americans who see her as one of their own. She talks like them. She guts her own fish. She wears her faith on her sleeve. She obviously didn’t go to Harvard. And when people who did call her stupid or mock her faith or her family, her fans take it personally.



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