Whites-Only Suburbs Grow

Back in the 1970s, there was a flight of well-to-do, white folks from the crime and the grime of the cities to the clean, leafy suburbs.

Now, they’re moving further inwards.

A new book by an African-American journalist, Rich Benjamin, a Ph.D. in literature from Stanford, “Searching for Whitopia,” charts a new demographic trend: the departure of white residents not just from the cities, but also from the integrated suburbs into cloistered, racially homogeneous enclaves.

“People don’t realize that diversity isn’t the same as integration,” he told TIME magazine.

Blacks and whites in New York, where I live, are as segregated today as in 1910 [based on a sociologists’ segregation index that measures how much contact people of differing races have with one another.]

h/t: TIME


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