A Drink From 2045 A.D.

A bottle of "Very Berry" Vio.
A bottle of “Very Berry” Vio.

Mind you, this is all second-hand reporting. I wasn’t at the scene myself to witness the promotion of the new drink. M. was. So, the part of the story about who gave out what, where, and how, will remain fuzzy.

However, I did experience the product firsthand, on the very same day.

Vio, poured in a glass.
Vio, poured in a glass.

Vio, a milk soda, released by Coca-Cola, comes in what looks like an English milk bottle, with a lot of style. The fizz bubbles set on an iPod-white base radiate chutzpah.

I twisted open the nifty metallic cap, and waited to see the shade of the liquid that would pour forth. It was a mild, sensuous lilac, and beautiful to behold. I took a gulp. It tasted like a beverage retrieved from the future: streamlined, minimal, and clean.


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