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Books Are A-Changing

Many, who were grazing online, on 04.03.2010, could naively have believed it to be a historic date. An ornate, velvet drape would slowly part, and the world would be staring into a bizarre void, created by the sudden obliteration of all paper-based texts, they’d fantasized.

That was when Apple rolled out its iPad commercially. But nothing that dramatic has happened yet. And it won’t. If anything, printed matter may change.

A professor at Purdue University has conceived a new kind of book that allows the reader to traverse the two seemingly antithetical universes of the analog and the digital, through “printed hyperlinks.”

These are “traditional books that have stamp-size graphic codes etched on each page.” Similar in function to bar codes, these 2D codes have digital information stored in them.

They serve as hyperlinks to online video clips, social networks, maps, websites, etc. relevant to the text and can be scanned by any smartphone.

So far, only Jules Verne’s “Around the World in Eighty Days” has been made in this format. More titles may come.


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