Is Red Bull All A Paper Needs To Wake Up?

Print 2.0 is still print.
Print 2.0 is still print.

The New York Times weekender, this week, felt marginally heavier. We soon found out why.

Tucked in its sheaf of advertisement supplements was a gleaming, high-energy new insert called The Red Bulletin, a racy, “an almost independent magazine” (because it’s sponsored by the Austrian energy drink maker, Red Bull), which one can dip into when listless, forlorn, or bored.

I couldn’t tell if this was their motto, but I noticed a nifty blurb on the cover: “Experience Print 2.0.” Are they perhaps hinting that all the flagging newspaper industry needs to energize itself is to imbibe tankards of Red Bull? Or, notably, they’ve found a solution to save the print media?

Well, one measure of that is the longevity of its partnership with its carrier.

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