Mural On 42nd Street

A mural, by Sofia Maldonado.
A mural, by Sofia Maldonado.

Walking along 42nd Street feels like you’re milling about inside a Dionysian kaleidoscope, with its giant twinkling electronic billboards, glowing neon, playbills, and glittering marquees, all swirling around in a never-ending salsa.

Yet, amid all that glitter, a wall hugging the sidewalk connecting 7th and 8th avenues, still manages to steal your attention because of this mural.

In New York, there’s much to photograph, but getting quality snaps isn’t always easy. In most tourist-drenched places, you don’t usually have more than a moment before a walker or a lamppost whizzes into your frame. I shot this with great difficulty, standing about 10 feet away.

This piece of 92-foot-long street art is the creation of Puerto Rican artist Sofia Maldonado. It sparked quite a loud uproar because of its depiction of black and Latino women in a certain way.

I can see no fault with the mural other than that it’s terribly eye-catching and has a kick-ass message to boot.


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