I.M.H.O., Social Media

La Comédie Social Media

I happen to know a bumbling businesswoman, who has the distinction of effectively employing a social media platform as a farcical marketing tool.

Every couple of days, her row of “friends” on Facebook gets longer. The social transaction is completed effortlessly and mechanically, without a hitch.  Two people are now connected, without having even a nodding acquaintanceship.

Mistaking her newly-minted connections to be friendships, deep and unbreakable, our entrepreneur then begins to fire private messages, coaxing them into buying her product: an online magazine. Is that the definition of spamming?

Chances are they don’t respond to her sales pitch, not just because they’re dour, dreary, and run-of-the-mill, but also, and more importantly, because they’re targeted at the wrong market, one with slim interest in reading.

Somehow, she discovers—or, someone tells her—that that approach isn’t quite eliciting the response she’d expected. So, she changes tack.

She goes to other peoples’ Wall, and plasters links to her website there, hoping that the recipient and their social network will take notice of it. Isn’t that akin to spraying graffiti?

The clock ticks away, and no one does. I worry though, that someday, someone, somewhere, will block her. That day, she’ll start sending these unsuspecting souls typewritten flyers—by post.

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