The Sinuous Train

"All Around Town," by Béatrice Coran.
“All Around Town,” by Béatrice Coran.

Each time I ride the N train, my eyes inexorably travel to this piece of art. I invariably crane my neck to get a close-up view of this dark, congested cityscape, in a vignette of black, beige, and orange.

Created out of paper cuts, this subway art by Béatrice Coran, “All Around Town,” depicts, among other sights, an urban mass transit system that blends both aerial and terrestrial modes of transport; and beasts and machines, into an idyllic fusion of yesterday, today, and tomorrow: a train, a blimp, a balloon, an airplane, even a pterodactyl.

Each cut-out captures a scene unfolding within each building, either inside a home or an office.


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