Tubular Teapot

Tea leaves, unfurling inside the sorapot.
Tea leaves, unfurling inside the sorapot.

The “sorapot” is a supremely stylish, minimalist teapot that would turn the 1939 children’s ditty, “I’m a Little Teapot,” upside down. You can see why.

Fashioned out of jet engine-grade stainless and Pyrex, it’s not round. It’s tubular. If teapots could convey their thoughts, they’d likely have whistled in chorus, “Who’re you? You’re an android.”

Unlike standard teapots that confine tea leaves in a small mesh basket, your leaves will have full run of sorapot’s interior as they unfurl and change the hot water into tea.

I don’t see how it takes credit for inventing a novel method for tea leaves to unfurl. Round ceramic teapots have always allowed the leaves to swirl around unimpeded in the boiling hot water inside.

This is certainly a beautiful object to have and to behold and to place on a corner of a glass coffee table, but just not for making tea. For a price of $200, it holds only 11 ounces of water—just enough for two small cups of tea.



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