Diplomatic Communiqué

An e-mail correspondence between an Indian diplomat and an Indian national.

Concerning the “rooting for one company over another as not being kosher, ethically or professionally,” let me explain what I’d meant. Our situations couldn’t be more different. I don’t work for the Indian government or an Indian concern.

I’ve worked for American companies, and in theory, should I work for the government, it’d be for the U.S. government, in which case, I’d still be rooting for Boeing, G.E., or Starbucks.

When I work for a company, I work for it. My loyalties lie there. I could have a beef with it (because my chair doesn’t swivel as much as I’d like it to), but I still root for that company in a football game. I’d also wear my company’s T-shirt with pride.

Further, as an M.B.A. candidate, it is but expected for one to hold strong opinions about the corporate practices of various corporations.

I, for one, support American Airlines’ “Rainbow Team.” As a gay woman, I want to express solidarity with agencies and corporations who’re L.G.B.T.-friendly. Certainly, when I look at a firm, I do want to know if it has gay-friendly policies and the kind of benefits it offers to domestic partners.

I know folks who can turn down offers only on grounds that the company’s colossal waste of paper doesn’t agree with his or her personal philosophy of eco-friendliness. And such folks are applauded, not demonized for being “unethical” or “unprofessional.” It doesn’t imply that one is financially corrupt.

We have our own share of corrupt politicians, with their pork-barrel dramas, C.F.O.s who cook the books, but on the whole, our people here, the traffic cop, the grocer, the superintendent of parks and recreation, aren’t dishonest folks.


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