Milk, Straight From The Cow

Moo-Moo Cow

All manner of shady activities come into full bloom in the alleys of Manhattan, in the dead of night—purple-hazed orgies, under-the-table business deals, illicit love trysts.

Now, add to that, a delivery—and that too, by a bearded Amish milkman.

But he wasn’t selling them anything they planned to smoke, snort, or inject. Rather, he was giving [Chelsea residents] their once-a-month fix of raw milk—an unpasteurized product banned outright in 12 states and denounced by the F.D.A. as a public health hazard, but beloved by a small, but growing number of devotees, who tout both its health benefits and its flavor.

In New York, one of the biggest underground black-market products is raw milk. Takers are willing to pay as much as $6 a bottle.


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