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Who’s Afraid Of Online Marketers?

No point in lying, is there? We, the consumers, are forever fearful of marketers shadowing us through Internet alleyways and spying on where we clicked, what we bought, what searches we made, all of which feeds a behemoth in the shape of the $26 billion U.S. online-advertising industry.

But now, it appears that there’s money to be made by the customer, in tossing his or her privacy to the winds. A privacy marketplace is looming, where personal data is the new currency.

“I wouldn’t give my car to a stranger for free. So, why do I do that with my personal data?” asks a London realtor, who’s started selling his personal data to the London start-up, Allow Ltd., which offers to sell peoples’ personal information on their behalf, and give them 70 percent of the sale.

h/t: WSJ


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