Created By The People, For The People

My grand uncle was a member of the hallowed committee, which, in 1947, drafted the constitution of the world’s largest democracy: India. It was an elite body that operated behind grand oak doors and marble colonnades, invisible and inaccessible to the public.

It was good, given the context. But today—

Iceland is drawing up its new constitution through crowdsourcing. As in the direct democracy of classical Athens, almost every digitally-empowered citizenry will have a voice in its creation.

The crowdsourcing follows a national forum last year, where 950 randomly selected people spent a day discussing the constitution.

If the committee has its way, the draft bill, due to be ready at the end of July, will be put to a referendum without any changes imposed by parliament—so it will genuinely be a document by the people, for the people.



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