Not On iCloud Nine

iCloud is a new service from Apple that will enable you to access all your digital chattel—documents, videos, photos, e-books, calendar, e-mail, etc.—from all portable devices.

It promises to make life easier. God forbid, were your cache of downloaded music through iTunes to get wiped out, you needn’t cry over lost tracks. At this time, short of buying them all over again, there’s no way of getting them back. With iCloud, it’ll be possible to retrieve them in a jiffy.

But that being said, there’s a cloud (pun, please) that hangs over it. The data stored in iCloud can only be accessed through company-approved devices.

If you want to look at photos on your iPad and MacBook, no problem. If you want to see them on your Android phone, though, tough luck.

Also, will iCloud “demote” the PC “to be just a device?” If at all, it’ll only “demote” one at the expense of promoting a clutch of others, the assumption being that folks will find iCloud so convenient that they wouldn’t want to stray out of the Apple family of products. What good does a BlackBerry do if it isn’t compatible with iCloud?

h/t: NYRB


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