Social Media

The Trouble With Twitter

Maria Popova points out that the two greatest pitfalls of Twitter are correction and attribution.

As the micro-blogging platform “evolves into a tool of serious journalism, disaster reporting, human rights activism, and other issues of very palpable real-life impact,” at present, it doesn’t allow a way for correcting an erroneous tweet, once released.

We need to invent a way to either correct core text in tweets retroactively or to append correctional tweets to the original tweet so that everyone who retweeted it or otherwise linked to it gets an instant update of the correction.

Further, she writes, “if information discovery plays such a central role in how we make sense of the world in this new media landscape, then it is a form of creative labor in and of itself.”

And such a form of labor should be credited just as literary work, photography, film, art, and other creative work are rewarded.

We have clearly defined systems for what’s right or wrong in terms of crediting creative labor in “text” (image, or video), from image rights to literary citations. But we don’t have the same ethical principles for sources of discovery.

In a culture of “information overload,” though, it’s through these very nodes in the information ecosystem, these human sense-makers, that this very text or image or video finds its way into our scope of attention.

h/t: NJL


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