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Reading The Kitchen Table

The newspaper 2.0 is going to a screen-top version of a kitchen table, as envisioned by the R&D Lab at the NYT, a skunkworks division of the media industry.

[This concept] re-imagines the old “around the breakfast table” reading of the paper. You’ll notice that, in the demo, news is both highly personal and highly social—and that the line between “consumer” and “news consumer” is a thin one.

Ads look pretty much the way we’re used to them looking, but they’re also integrated into the tabletop flow of information.

We’re used to thinking of “the news” as its own category, as something to be consumed primarily during commutes or during post-work relaxation in the evening.

The prototypes on display at the R&D Lab consider how news can be used, in particular, in the home, woven into the intimate contexts of the morning coffee, the family dinner, the daily getting-ready routine.

They explore what it means to brush your teeth with the Times.

h/t: NJL


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