Feasting On An RSS Diet

RSS Feeds Card

As I sift through my RSS feeds every morning, I rarely find myself savoring what I see in my clogged inbox. When one has to race through over 1,000 stories, coughed up by 43 subscriptions, there’s very little time for anything besides catching one’s breath.

When first out, RSS (short for Really Simple Syndication) provided an easy way for making media content more portable. They still do. But what’s changed in the meanwhile, though, is the volume of that output.

Where it once was a manageable stream, now, it’s a formidable deluge that’s very hard to keep pace with. Each time one glides from one tab to the next to check on the newest RSS entry, it corrodes one’s concentration.

A study, published in Science, found that our brain can perform two tasks fairly easily, but has a much harder time juggling three and more. That being the case, there’s no such thing as efficient multitasking.

But regardless of the impact of the feeds on the reader’s ability to focus, high-traffic media outlets stand to gain from them by asking advertisers to sponsor their RSS feeds. In return, they get a “sponsorship post” aimed at subscribers.



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