Age Matters

A poster from “The Age Matters” campaign.

If you’re a block of cheese; a bottle of wine or whisky; or a violin, your age would matter.

Last summer, the world’s leading producer of luxury Scotch whisky, Chivas Brothers, launched “The Age Matters” campaign that was prompted by a research finding. It was found that consumers, all over the world, were woefully ignorant about what the “age statement” of a Scotch whisky signified. Most drinkers believed it referred to the quality. It doesn’t.

First off, Scotch whiskey is whisky made in Scotland.

Regulations require anything bearing the label “Scotch” to be distilled in Scotland, and matured for a minimum of three years in oak casks (among other criteria.)

An age statement on the bottle, in the form of a number, must reflect the age of the youngest Scotch whisky used to produce that product.

h/t: POPSOP 


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