Rx: A Noun, 2x A Day

Zouch, March 19, 2012.

“WordPharmacy,” at first glance, appears to a pharmacy: shelf after shelf of an assortment of colorful little boxes behind glass displays, containing, one imagines, soft capsules, chalky tablets, a bitter syrup, a yard of gauze.

Step closer and you realize that the names on them, are oddly, not very like pills and potions. They’re decidedly un-pharmaceutical, in fact. They aren’t standard medication, after all.

The “doctor” behind the counter is the Danish artist and poet, Morten Søndergaard.

A shelf of pronoun pills in Morten Søndergaard’s “WordPharmacy.”

A clever art installation, composed of 10 medicine box exhibits, each corresponding to the 10 word groups—more academically known as “Parts of Speech”—WordPharmacy prescribes witty cures for those afflicted with a grammar disorder.

Verbs. Nouns. Adjectives.

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