The Beer That Didn’t Trend

At Super Bowl XLVI, Anheuser-Busch unveiled a new brand of beer, the Bud Light Platinum, which comes in a dazzling, cobalt-blue bottle.

Embedded in its print and television advertisements was a request to drinkers: to make the product a viral success through Twitter, with the hashtag: “Make It Platinum.” Evidently, the assumption is that the target demographic—the young—are all on Twitter. Also, that are they are all equally proficient in developing hashtags.

What’s glaringly odd, though, is that soon after this campaign got underway, Bud Light didn’t have a Twitter account to handle all the conversation surrounding the drink.

It was only as late as March 15, that it dawned on the beer maker to open one. Perhaps it’s no surprise that at this writing, it’d garnered a mere 112 followers. This is a classic case of a social media marketing failure.


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