Creatively Mechanical

If you’ve sent story pitches to newspapers and submissions to magazines, chances are you’ve been rewarded, for your initiative, by insipid, out-of-office messages.

The flatness of their tone and voice make a titanium robot sound more flesh and blood. Well, that was a circuitous way of pointing out a delightfully clever response I got from a German art blog in return for a mundane query.

Hey Ho.

No worries. We received your e-mail. But together with your e-mail, we received another one, and another one, and … another, and … another. So, you can imagine that we cannot respond to all of you.

If you have a proposal, our curators will decide over your proposal. If it is good enough, you will see it on [the art blog’s name] the next day. If not, you’ll never see it again.

Keep us updated, and we’ll continue to update you!


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