Business, Social Media

Paying To Be Popular

It’s one thing to not care about whether you gain a posse of loyal followers on your innumerable social networks. But once you do acquire some, you’d much rather that they stayed on, reading your content with an abiding interest.

Other than in the unfortunate instance that you’re being stalked, you wouldn’t want to be actively unfollowed. Even so, of their own volition, strangers peel away, one by one, without a farewell word.

Which brings me to the question of how one can get followers on Tumblr—instantly. Simply, pay.

For a sum of $25,000, you can get your post, however crummy, to hit the Radar. But far less pricey options exist for those who can afford to acquire popularity, cooked over a slow fire.

A member can visually amplify a post for $2, by having a marker next to it that ensures visibility. It costs a little more—$5—to have a post pinned to the top of the dashboard, where it’ll hover for a whole 24 hours.


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