The Medium Is The New Message

The co-founders of Twitter have a new message. It’s the Medium.

Medium is a new online publishing tool that will alter, or in the very least, encourage us to think of how we publish and organize content, online—by classifying it topically, not temporally.

Today, all that we post is organized chronologically, from the oldest to the newest. A trend begun by the Web 1.0 blogs was carried forward and solidified by social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Sure, one can attach tags, but that’s still only a secondary mode of organizing content, the timestamp format being the unsaid standard and the only paradigm we can think of.

Flickr and Pinterest work differently. Content on these networks isn’t sorted around when you post, but what you post—around topics, that is.

Medium adopts that concept and improves on it. Like Flickr and Pinterest, its content is put into theme-based silos, but unlike the two, instead of letting members add a category to a post, it lets them add a post to a pre-determined category.

This will enable content to be more neatly structured, without the concomitant chaos of a forest of tags.



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