A Giant Squid Over The Brooklyn Bridge?

The City's End

How many times have we seen New York City engulfed by walls of water; erupting in balls of fire; trampled by strange monsters; struck by laser beams from a hovering alien craft?

“American culture has been obsessed with fantasizing about the destruction of New York,” writes Max Page in “The City’s End.” His book offers a visual history of 200 years of fictional disasters that have visited the city.

New York’s annihilation [has been pictured] in a stunning range of ways. Earthquake, fire, flood. Meteor, comet, Martian. Glacier, ghosts, atom bomb. Class war, terrorism, invasion.

Laser beams for space ships, torpedoes from Zeppelins, missiles from battleships. Apes, wolves, dinosaurs. Environmental degradation, nuclear fallout, ‘green death.’


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