Set Up A Mailbox In Your Car

Waiting for packages can be maddening. Either, it doesn’t arrive on the day it’s expected. Or, it does arrive, and you’re not home to receive it, and then, you have to schlep over to the post office to pick it up. Or, you are home, and a sloppy delivery person doesn’t bother to ring the doorbell to let you know it’s arrived. Or, there’s no doorbell or door tag, but the tracker tells you that the package has been delivered.

I’ve had all of these experiences. Sometimes, I wonder if it’s more convenient to shop in a brick-and-mortar store and walk home, armfuls of shopping bags.

Which brings me to Cardrops, a Belgian company, which looks at the concept of mail delivery from a truly novel perspective—a mobile angle. Instead of a mailbox, the post office, or an in-store pickup, it drops off your order in the trunk of your car.

A special G.P.S. tracking system developed by the company looks up the real-time location of your car, and sends delivery straight to your car, wherever it’s parked.

A beacon enables Cardrops to lock and unlock either the trunk or the doors. While the service makes mail delivery very flexible and movable, both in terms of time and space, it doesn’t seem like an eco-friendly solution. It encourages people to have vehicles.


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