Is Food Art?

In the New York Times op-ed, “A Matter Of Taste,” William Deresiewicz mirrors my own thoughts on culture.

Nobody cares if you know about Mozart or Leonardo anymore, but you had better be able to discuss the difference between ganache and couverture.

Yes, food centers life in France and Italy, too, but not to the disadvantage of art, which still occupies the supreme place in both cultures.

Not in the U.S., however, “where foodism has subsumed and replaced art.”

Here in America, we are in danger of confusing our palates with our souls.

Unbeknownst to me, I too, obsess about food. But I deviate from the trend in one key aspect. I do equate the ability to speak about food, knowledgeably, as a manifestation of one’s cultural grooming. Yet, I’d admire someone more if that person knew that GOYA was more than a just a food brand. (F.Y.I. Francisco José de Goya was a Spanish artist.)

Never mind this preoccupation with food. It’s still not art, Deresiewicz argues.

Proust on the madeleine is art; the madeleine itself is not art.

But what about art that uses food as a medium? A cheddar sculpture, for instance?

h/t: NYT


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