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The Mobile Internet Tips

In 2013 and onward, the Internet will become a mostly mobile medium.

The year 2002 was a turning-point for the telephone, invented 126 years earlier. For the first time, the number of mobile phones overtook the number of fixed-line ones, making the telephone a predominantly mobile technology.

During 2013, the same thing will happen to the Internet, just 44 years after its ancestor, ARPANET, was first switched on.

The number of Internet-connected mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, will exceed the number of desktop and laptop personal computers (PCs) in use, according to figures from Morgan Stanley, an investment bank.

That does not mean that mobile devices will displace PCs altogether.

Yet, the center of gravity of the Internet will have shifted. For years, mobile access to the Internet was a poor relation: the net was a medium that was chiefly accessed via PCs with large screens, perhaps with a cut-down version or an app for mobile devices.



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