At A Loss For Words

Sometimes, we’re speechless. It’s not so much that we don’t want to say something, but that we don’t know how to say it. We’re unable to put our finger on the exact word that would aptly convey our sentiment at the moment.

Help is at hand. The Emotionary is a lexical smithy that coins new, complex emotions, which we’re either aware of, but can’t express or it can nudge us in the direction of an undiscovered state of mind. Most of the feelings are unhelpful portmanteaus that aren’t easy to pronounce.

A few can come in handy, though, when we’re nearly keeling over with frustration. These two capture my feelings, some of the time.

Contrangst. n. A derivative of “control” and “angst,” it expresses the anxiety of having someone else do a job that you know won’t be done the way you want it to be (and the way it should be); knowing a job will not be done well, if you don’t do it yourself.

Emotionalize. v. A blend of “rationalize” and “emotion,” it’s the desire to intellectualize your emotions.



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