Spare The Teddy A Thought

McDonald’s, Australia, has launched an advertising campaign that focuses on the Loose Change Menu, the Aussie equivalent of the Dollar Menu. The goal of the campaign, “Loose Change Menu,” is to remind consumers to buy low-budget snacks on that menu. Or, so you’d think.

Its true message, though, is to tell us about the ripple effect of buying, say, a pack of French fries or a bottle of soda. Through a series of sentimental imagery, it tells a sad story that’ll move you to tears (and hopefully, spur you to act.)

The pink bear, inside the crane claw, looks on expectantly, hoping to go home with a kid.

Kongo, the bored hero of this arcade game, is forced to take up knitting, as he has no one to play with.

The tower viewer looks lonely and hurt, as there’s no one about who can peer through him.

Their lives could be made all the better—if only we’d spare them a few coins. Instead, they’re used up at a McDonald’s counter.


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