I.M.H.O., Social Media

Dusting Twitter

From time to time, nature gets our windows cleaned from the outside.

During a downpour, rainwater, sluicing down the panes, washes the dirt off the glass. Inside, a good housekeeper, wipes away the motes that settle on pieces of furniture.

Dust gathers everywhere—even on Twitter. The more people you follow, the more clutter you collect.

And like the yellow-brown sheet that settled on farmhouses and country homes, during the Dust Bowl, their streams reduce your visibility.

The useless displaces the useful. The twaddle crowds out all that is reasonable and relevant.

So, I took the social media equivalent of a damp cloth and flicked the dust off my Twitter, the dust being the peeps I follow.

In a single stroke, I unfollowed a herd of roughly 350 strangers, a good many whom were folks who were, in turn, following me. What followed was a tit-for-tat unfollowing, and I lost some 100 followers.

Good riddance.


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