Inside The Newsroom

One of the most stressful jobs is that of a newspaper reporter, along with that of an airline pilot, a firefighter, a police officer, a corporate executive. This doesn’t surprise me, in the least.

These are some of the factors that make a newsie sweat.

  1. Meeting deadlines, every single day, day after day.
  2. Covering elections.
  3. When your phone dies, without a warning.
  4. Readers’ comments.
  5. Typos.
  6. When your sources don’t call back.
  7. “No comment” comments.
  8. When your editor asks if you can write a brief before the end of your shift.
  9. Working sleep-deprived.
  10. When you notice, in the middle of an interview, your voice recorder is not on.
  11. When someone threatens to sue you.
  12. Did I make that change in my lede?
  13. When your computer freezes, and you realize you haven’t saved your story.
  14. When your editor asks if you could take photos yourself, instead of sending a photog.
  15. When you see your paycheck.



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