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Amazon Has A Groceteria Now

Amazon Fresh grocery bag.
Amazon Fresh grocery bag.

If there was one product category that was missing on Amazon, it was grocery. But that’s about to change soon. The giant e-retailer is adding a groceteria.

AmazonFresh [will] deliver groceries and more to your door.

Dash is a brand-new Wi-Fi-enabled scanner and recorder, a little bigger than a six-inch ruler, which lets you shop for grocery at Amazon.

When you’re running out of provisions, be that anything on the pantry shelf or the fridge, get Dash to scan the bar code on it, and have it in dropped in an AmazonFresh shopping cart. Consumers can also speak into it, asking for “carrots” or “eggs,” it’ll locate it for you. The shipment will be delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours.


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