Not Font Of Ink

Ryman EcoRyman, a U.K. stationer and Grey London, an advertising agency, have partnered to launch a new, free, and eco-friendly typeface, which they’re touting as a typographic game-changer.

Ryman Eco has a pleasantly hollow design—with glyphs made up of many fine lines, instead of a single, solid stroke—which takes 33 percent less ink than Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia, Verdana. The brand makes the bold claim: “The last printing revolution shaped the world. This one could save it.”

Each year, nearly 1.5 billion printer cartridges are sold globally. These contain toxic, oil-intensive, and largely non-biodegradable materials that can take over 1,000 years to break down. Switching to Ryman Eco, when printing, the company calculates, could save over 490 million ink cartridges and nearly 15 million barrels of oil, which would translate into 6.5 million tons of carbon emissions a year.

h/t: FUBIZ


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