Food, I.M.H.O.

Salad Day

Egg, beans, tomatoes, avocado, lettuce, potatoes, red onions.

This afternoon, our lunch comprised a bowl of salad Niçoise—or a version of it.

A crudités salad, it comes from the sunny, port city of Nice on the French Riviera.  A refreshing, colorful, summertime, Provençal salad, there’s no one proper way to prepare it or serve it. And that’s what attracts me to it.

It does, however, have a few must-have ingredients: tomatoes, Niçoise olives, and tuna—seared or canned. To that, one can add hard-boiled eggs, beans, and red onions. Some cooks recommend a bed of crispy lettuce. Others say that it can be skipped.

It can be served on a platter, with its elements arrayed on it, or in a bowl, in a cartwheel fashion. It can be had alone, or as a side.

It’s dressed with vinaigrette. But a whirl of Thousand Island doesn’t hurt if one forgoes the fish.


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