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Sandwiches, Uncovered

Sometimes, a painting becomes so famous, in and of itself, that it overshadows its creator. The “Mona Lisa,” for instance, is popular for its own sake, and is more well-known than the man who painted her: Leonardo da Vinci.

So it is with LEGO. Just about everyone knows what it is, but few know can name its birthplace. The little plastic blocks were born in Denmark, the land of the “Little Mermaid.” It’s that way with open-faced sandwiches as well. I’ve had them. But I hadn’t known that they’re a quintessentially Danish culinary tradition.

Smorrebrod (Danish for “buttered bread”) comes in countless combinations, from minimal to lavish, and their assembly varies with the occasion.

  • But table etiquette demands that they be eaten in only one order: herring, then other fish, then meat, and then cheese.
  • Before adding a topping, smear the bread with butter or duck fat.
  • Take only rye bread with herring.
  • Do not eat with your hands. A knife and fork will do.
  • Toast often.

h/t: NPR


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