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Let’s Downsize

Houses like these are at the center of a growing architectural and social movement that espouses living small.

Called a “tiny house,” these dwellings are built on trailer platforms. Typically, they’re between 100 and 130 square-feet, roughly the size of a covered wagon. “They aren’t toys or playhouses or aesthetic gestures.” “They aren’t shacks or cottages either,” for shacks don’t have kitchens and bathrooms, and a cottage is larger than a tiny house.

If you lived in one, you’d have no choice, but to curtail your consumption, for no reason other than that your floor area simply, wouldn’t allow it. You wouldn’t have a garage-size, LCD screen-fitted fridge because you couldn’t fit it in. Neither could you have an obelisk for a garbage can, for if you did, it’d look hideously out of place amid the pieces of lean and light furniture.

When you can’t store much or waste much, what can you do, but to buy less, cook less, eat less, and generate less trash. But isn’t that what this is all about? To shrink your carbon footprint.



2 thoughts on “Let’s Downsize”

  1. Tiny houses are awesome. They are portable to boot. However, tiny houses are also popular with the energy-conscious folks here, and could easily become a marker of one’s eco-consciousness. I’d love to have one, but alas no parking spot in the city for this.


  2. The Chinese have just built 10 houses in 24hours, using a 3D-Printer at an individual cost of… 3 to 5,000 US$ I believe…


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