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Fried, Poached, Boiled, Pre-Boiled, Or Canned?

Eggs in a basket.
Eggs in a basket.

It’s always been difficult to market eggs. For one, one oval doesn’t look very different from the next. For another, it’s been hard to convince consumers of their versatility.

The staple of most kitchens, they’re indispensable, but nearly invisible, always playing second fiddle to most dishes. Even though people are aware that they’re a health food, they prefer to snack on a ready-made, souped-up cereal bar, picked up in a grocery store isle over boiling an egg and eating it.

Which is why, a few years back, leading egg sellers in the U.S. and in the U.K., began to reposition the egg as a stand-alone treat that can be had on the go.

Their new offering was the shelled, pre-boiled egg, sold in a packet—a comestible that Asian stores had long before brought out in another form: canned. Unlike eggs in a can, though, those in a packet, are just as tasty as the kind that comes out of a hot sauce pan.


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