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Hold On. My Ring Is Ringing.


Ladies: how many calls have you missed because your phone was buzzing inside your purse? Or, on how many occasions have you felt your phone vibrate, but by the time you got around to answering it, it had stopped.

So this doesn’t happen annoyingly often, Ringly, a maker of Bluetooth jewelry, has developed a ring, that, well, rings.
Their offering is a piece of gold-plated costume jewelry, adorned with gemstones like black onyx, rainbow moonstone, pink sapphire, or emerald.

Placed in the pavilion is the Bluetooth technology, which allows the ring to communicate with a phone, relaying alerts for calls, texts or social media messages. Depending on the nature of the communication, a tiny light on the side of the crown blinks in a different color.

h/t: CRAIN’S and RINGLY 


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