Where The Writers Have No Name

"The Court and City Vagaries" came out in 1711.
“The Court and City Vagaries” came out in 1711.

The titles of 18th century novels were endearingly long and clumsy, often WYSIWYG. Oddly, they didn’t always reveal the writer’s name. “The Court and City Vagaries,” for instance, which came out in 1711, merely states that it was “written by one of the fair sex.”

Here are some strange titles:

“The Adventures of an Ostrich Feather of Quality.”

“The Adventures of a Pin, Supposed to be Related By Himself, Herself, Or Itself.”

“Hesitation; Or, to Marry, Or, Not to Marry?”

“The Nunnery for Coquettes.”

“Wine And Walnuts.”

It’s not hard to see why reading a novel back in those days could have got one admitted to a lunatic asylum.



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