A Dinosaur, Gone Swimming

SpinosaurusDinosaurs are known to be landlubbers.

But paleontologists have been able to piece together the bones of an ancient skeleton, found 1,200 miles apart, which suggests that there was a dinosaur that swam.

The Spinosaurus, the only dinosaur known to have led a semi-aquatic life, is also the largest known predatory dinosaur. It grew to 50 feet in length.

Conical teeth in a crocodile-like snout overlapped like a snare for trapping fish. To breathe underwater, it had nostrils high up in the skull, which worked like a pair of snorkels as it waded into a river. With its flat feet, it’d have paddled like a duck, and propelled with its long, flexible tail.

On land, it moved awkwardly. Unlike its other carnivorous peers, it lumbered on all four legs.

h/t: NYT


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