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The Face Of G.P.S.

Robust in some places and feeble in others, we’re surrounded by G.P.S. signals everywhere we go, even though we can’t see them. In “Satellite Lamps,” Timo Arnall and his collaborators give a face to this invisible entity.

To visualize the ebb and flow of these signals, beamed downed by satellites in orbit, they built spherical lamps, powered by G.P.S. receivers, and placed them in various locations across Norway: open fields, fjords, buildings, underpasses. Depending on the strength of the radio waves, they glow brighter or dimmer.

This installment is a part of their umbrella project, “Immaterials,” which deals with revealing the “materiality” of seemingly immaterial technologies, such as Wi-Fi and RFID.

h/t: WIRED


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