A Sweetener, For A Heroine

Often, I’ve wondered when product placement would worm its way into books. And now, it has.

“Find Me I’m Yours” is a romantic comedy by Hillary Carlip, whose heroine Mags, a struggling Los Angeles artist, is on a scavenger hunt to ferret out a mystery lover after her boyfriend cheats on her.

But the story also has another, less obvious protagonist: Sweet’N Low, the artificial sweetener.

Cumberland Packing Corporation, the Brooklyn-based company that makes Sweet ‘N’ Low says, it invested $1.3 million in the novel after it was written.

“Find Me I’m Yours” isn’t like most chick lit. It’s also “click lit,” as its cover unabashedly declares. To bridge the world inside the book and that outside it, its creators have made 30-odd websites, where readers can check out the bridal magazine, where Mags works or share pet photos, where her ex-boyfriend posts snaps of her dog.

RosettaBooks is one of several publishers experimenting with a new marketing tool called an “e-book card.” To help sell the $6.99 e-book in offline bookstores, and plug it at promotional events, it’s peddling it with postcard-size cards, marked with codes through which readers can download the book.

h/t: NYT


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