K5, Coming To A College Near You

A K5, on patrol.

Knightscope, a Mountain View, California-based start-up has developed a crew of robot security personnel. Short and stout, the K5 “guards” look incredibly like Daleks, with lustrous, white shells.

Their employment, however, is more in the line of Robocop, in the sense that they’ll whir across college campuses, corporate parks, schools, and shopping malls, patrolling their grounds, looking out for crime.

They’re equipped with four “eyes,” one on each side; a camera that can scan license plates; four microphones; and a weather sensor. Each has a robust, rechargeable battery that can last about 24 hours on a single charge. As it’s capable of self-monitoring, when power runs low, it can roll over to a charging station, and refuel itself quickly. It communicates with team members through a Wi-Fi connection.

So far, seven have been built. They may not outright replace human guards anytime soon, but given that they demand an hourly wage of $6.25—less than half of what their human counterparts charge—some companies could, at least, be tempted to try them out.

If you’re like me, you’ll love them. Unlike men in uniform, they’ll exhibit zero bias.



1 thought on “K5, Coming To A College Near You”

  1. So, I foresee the replacement of campus security guards by robot-guards.

    I hear, campus security, across the nation, have tanks and drones as well, spillovers from the anti-terrorism militarization program into which the feds poured millions. I already have a vision of the doomsday college campus!

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