Design, Social Media

When The Blue Bird Tweets

A “#Flock” of four birdhouses.

“#Flock” is a series of four cuckoo clock-like devices, three of which have colorful avian occupants. The fourth is vacant, and is a common clock.

Each of the three birds is designed to poke its head out in response to a flutter on a Twitter stream. They can even coo a little birdsong, whose volume can be controlled by a chunky dial.

Designed by the London-based creative studio, BERG, the goal behind the project was to give a physical presence to a digital activity.

A biergarten cuckoo clock, handcrafted from wood.

As wonderful a bauble as this is, I much prefer a traditional cuckoo clock, which are not only beautiful, but where the bird, too, leads a less disruptive life, its routine uninterrupted by the vagaries of human chatter. After all, it pops out only to announce the hours, not every time someone retweets.



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